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You are falling for their second and their even harder to uphold lie. This man puts my intelligence to shame all the time. He lights my life and makes me free A plan is based on expected output from something, which is a prediction Just because a rain is predicted or expected we take umbrella or rain coat and save ourselves I too studied and practicing Astrology, in my opinion i am sure Sadguru is meant by saying that please keep all those astrological predictions etc Which is very important for achieving peace of mind.

No one will escape from past Karma including Sadguru, however few turning points can be altered just like a good driver versus poor driver comparing their driving skills. All the living things have Prana in their body and they live plus do their Karma. The only difference between Human and others are man change change his current karma and be happy in life, whereas others can only do their Karma as destined to them. Therefore, man can learn, practice and understand the truth by hard work rather than depending completely based on an astrologer. Very recently i predicted 2 incidents and that came true and the seeker called and appreciated my prediction..

There was no extra efforts from either side me or the seeker. What i saw in his horoscope is the result of his Karma. Any way quite interesting subject Yes , There is a concept called birth time rectification where the astrologer ask you serious of questions and try figure out the time as close to a minute but its a quite advanced topic.

Coming to your other which is the right time of birth , the right time is the moment baby cries and takes in the cosmic cry also sometimes others say it the time when you cut the amblical cord as some say the souls journey begins that time when it is cut from the mother.

I am doing a research on thi but no proper qualitative or quantitative data available. I think you are wrong on Sanchit Karma. Its just a store house of Karma that we have accumulated from millions of birth. We come into this world with the Prabda. We can still change the Prabda or lessen their intensity based on our will power or how we live or by even Gurus grace.

Predictions turn true or not, astrologers are dangerous people. They kill people alive. Useless characters who take life out of life. I am a certified Plenatary Gemologist and astrologer. I have been learning this science for almost 10 years now and as per my experience , the vedic astrology is the most accurate from of predictive astrology ever. Once you cast one's horosocope provided the time and place are captured perfectly , we can almost draw out a character map and life events for that person.

I am disaapointed with Sadguru they way he described vedic astrology as the way of looking up stars like nomads. No way!! Vedic astrology or Jyotisha is primarily composed by Sage Parasara , was a Rigvedic Maharishi seer , and the author of many ancient Indian texts. He is accredited for being the author of the first Purana: Vishnu Purana before his Son Veda Vyasa wrote it in its present form.

His classical book on astrology called Brihat Parasara Hora shastra is most advanced vedic astrology shastra. His composition about creation of universe , kala purusha cosmic man our celestial zodiac which is considered the body of vishnu himself with 27 nakshatras , 12 houses and 9 planets etc Moons path throughthis nakshatras , rashis at the time of birth or any particular day has immense significance. For example , a person born under Moon in Rishaba , Rohini nakshatra is completely different from a Person born with Moon in 8th house in Moola Nakshatra at the time of birth. May be thorugh yoga , mantra and spiritual process you can alter the compositino of our three gunas and there my make our own plan but the principle charatcter and destiny cannot be alteredt.

Message to Sadguru : So called Aryan and Dravidian thoery is a false propaganda created by britishers for dominating we indians. This is a well known fact and I am surprised you say this Please take a single stand and give us a clarity. Sadhguru is spot on with respect to thinking of Dravidian and Aryan people which can be noticed even today of you are willing to observe without prejudice. However, over thousands of years cultural, social and intellectual mixing between races has produced a common culture among us which cannot be separated. Most of us are product of these two races.

Hence those distinctions are hard to differentiate. And those who would like to believe that Aryans were not settlers from outside are misinformed. Archaeological evidences overwhelmingly for Aryans came from outside. The articles you read in internet has no archaeological or research backing.

They are simply their wishful thinking of those who do not want to accept the facts. In spiritual world, Shiva was associated with bull Nandi not with a horse which was proven to be came along with people of central Asia. Burial sites in central Asia has skeletons of horses while the remains of Indus Valley sites has none. India and Spain were the first places to domesticate the horse and Central Asia was the last place where the horse was domesticated. Without you even noticing.

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There is no direct answer in this post. One goes to astrologer when the going gets tough. Personally I met few outstanding vedic astrologers who predicted events for me with amazing accuracy. On the other hand I also tried Nadi jyoshyam which told the past with unbelievable accuracy and failed to do so for the future events. However Sadhguru is encouraging us to not surrender our life to an astrology prediction which is good advice.

I have deep respect for Sadhguru and quite agree with most of what was said by him in this article Dravidian is to give in to the British method of divide and rule I really felt relieved after reading what Sadguru had to say about astrology. I don't know what makes other people say in their comments that astrology works and is something that you can alter your life events with. But recently I've met and discussed my details with 4 different astrologers, and almost all had the same answer.

Of course I felt helpless after knowing what they had to say. It felt like I have to give up on my dreams and have to live a scripted life. But after reading what Sadguru had to say, I feel as if a heavy burden has fallen off my head. Oh all the great astrologers, please come forward and save this nation and its people from its misery. Namaskaram Sadhguru the role of panchangam and it's so widely used in tallying the horoscope of groom and bride , could you please throw some light on it , I bow down. Sadhguru says: "All those minds which are incapable of a plan will look for a prediction.

You need yourself to dive deep into the subject of astrology to really understand it. It is not a mere interpretation of some nomads but a beautiful scientific world with a network of mappings that coherently work. To develop respect for any subject or derive your interpretations, you need to decode its minute details. Namaskaram Sadhguru.

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Astrology is a great science, but it demands astrologer to be a greater interpreter to get the findings correctly. The one who wrote about Astrology had realized everything in his experience, he wouldnt need set of algorithms to predict , but to pass on this intelligence he needs to write it down. Now the second generations will have to read and predict, with many invasions in between, we are at loss of our great masters works. At this juncture and Astrology made to be a business instead of divine service, we may have to be careful.

As well, a very concious being can escape compulsive behavior, but not escape Karmic rules, the macrocosm. India being a peninsular country, invasion can happen only through North, so the invaders from west would have settled in North over time. But the Indus valley civilization is very much Indian, and all the India have spoklen Brahmic languages which is now called Tamil.

So in general invasion from North and their settlements must have been misconcluded to be Aryan invasion. It is just western invasion. Whenever there was invasions the natives were driven out after robbing their wealth. Otherwise what we call us Dravids and Aryans are of same Indian origin. The invaders who settled in North due to geographical reasons renamed themselves to be Aryan, which is the hypocricy to rule the country.

Real Aryans and Dravidians are indians, fake so called Indo-aryans who used the term as Camouflage are just invaders. Dear All: Sadhguru does not deny the influence of planets on us at all. Its "knowing". And He is not a Scholar. He is "Beyond" and Gateway to the Beyond. Sullivan - Sadhguru has used History as we know it to convey what needed to be. Its not the events and history that he wanted to convey.

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I used to think the same, I would think "why bother trying if I'm just a puppet and some higher force is pulling my strings? You can predict what a person will do and how the world will respond by looking at their chart. I know the concept is unreal to many because we live in a world where we want to believe that if we just try hard enough and make the "right choices" then we can have anything we want whenever we want it. But if that were true we'd all be rich, good looking, happily married, healthy and free of any problems! In other words, a HIGHLY skilled astrologer can look at your chart and tell you in advance how your free will, will play out to meet with your destiny.

Does that make sense? As I understand astrology in Indian system is not that simple. Many of the people today have basically no understanding of astrology. Some just read few books and become astrologers and try to use this knowledge to earn easy money.

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Hence all their predictions fail. They just use date and time of birth to create the map of life which is totally absurd.

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We need more data than just birth date and time. How can one explain twins born at the same time growing to become totally different individuals with different characters and having totally different future? Current astrologers just use this birth date and time and claim to read their entire future which I feel is absurd. I do understand we can create the astrological map but it needs much more data than mere birth date and time.

Once this happened that one very old and loyal servant of a King had been seeing his master extremely disturbed, almost leaving interest in everything for last few weeks.. Due to this not only the King's own health but also the health of entire kingdom was deteriorating day by day. Once he dared to ask the reason for it, King replied that an astrologer has predicted that his life is left not more than a few months from now and he is going to die within this year.

The servant thought for a few second, and then dared again - "Could you call that astrologer once again, Maharaj, as i have a solution for this". King was hesitant, but since the servant being old and loyal, paid heed to his request, and called the forteller. Then the servant asked about his own life-span i. The astrologer did all the calculations taking into account the minutest of details and then said that - he has a very life and will leave at least another 25 years for sure. The servant suddenly took out the sword from the nearby standing soldier's hands, and prompt took away his head from his body making himself died instantly.

Needless to say, the King's eyes got opened, imprisoned the forteller, and lamented profoundly on the death of his loyal servant. This story, whether true or fictional, and the servant's logic has made me disbelieve the astrology completely. Well, when sadhguru alters his stand, then you can give the message to him With all due respect, it is easy to make light of something we do not understand fully. However, commonsense needs to prevail. The statement - "astrology is an interpretation of astronomy" seems a conclusive analysis on a science that is clearly less understood.

Is it really just an interpretation of astronomy, and nothing more? How do you substantiate this? In any scientific analysis, the only one who can offer a balanced criticism of the subject is one who is well versed in it. For example, in the presentation of a dissertation, when a PhD candidate defends his study, the people critiquing him are people who are very knowledgeable in the same field.

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  • Criticism that comes out of knowledge of the subject would indicate rational criticism. Otherwise, we are just one of the characters in the story of the seven blind men trying to understand what an elephant really is. All things that are logical are not necessarily the truth. We miss the big picture. The science is bigger than just an aryan and dravidian divide. Let common sense prevail. In answer to the question - "Does astrology work?

    Astrology is about reading karmic patterns of unconscious living. Stars dont influence but their certain arrangement gives insight to prarabdha karma and the likely occurence of these. But when one starts consciously living life one starts becoming the creator of ones destiny. The fatalistic views of astrologers and those who seek advice has given the presumption that stars influence us. Sadhguru never mentions an invasion theory so not surs why some folks are talking about it, culturally and race wise their is an Aryan race just like in the north east of India we see mogoloid like race slowly transforming to mongloids as we move into China etc.

    If one is transfixed in the past or lives in fear and anxiety of future then it is not our true potential, improper use of astrology can promote this which is happening and sadhguru is in a stern way warning against it. Casting a persons character or life event is not the purpose of astrology but one can use this tool to move into higher realms of yoga.

    Astrology is an ancient science,certainly has an influence on our lives and does give us an insight into our tendencies but I think the most imp point Sadguru makes is that you have so much power inside you that you can develop it and be your own master. Then these planetary positions and vastu have no influence on you. You can creat your own future. Think a thousand times before you critisise a master and then dont do it. Just have faith in him. When I was learning astrology, my physician asked me this question. Me and my brother are twins born 20 minutes apart. He is a big boss of an MNC travelling around the world, but I am just a doctor at this corner of Bangalore.

    How could the stars have been at so far away places in just 20 minutes. Dear Sadhguru, I am neither a Isha Yogi nor a follower of your path. However I want to put it succinctly. Sir you are wrong. Astrology is a science with great past and history. A horoscope is the lamp in a man's life. It gives direction. True we should not know the future as our Guruji told.

    Please go through some books and I request you to reconsider your opinion Regards Subba Rao. Anyone's opinion can be rebutted if we have evidence to the contrary! I agree about vehicle jyotish accuracy as I am student of this field. PR Sundhar Raja, the best astrologer in India will predict your future, your lucky numbers, and lucky dates and provide solutions that accelerate your overall success. In order to foresee what is going to happen in the near future, we approach famous astrologers like Dr.

    By interpreting the roles of these players and their qualities and creating a synthesis, an astrologer is able to present a complete and comprehensive picture of the person and his potential, based on the natal horoscope. When these two subjects come together you have a winning combination that combines the complexity of Astrology and the simplicity and accuracy of Numerology. PR Sundhar Raja. Are you looking to know the future of your life? Contact the best Astrologer , Dr. Sc in Astrology is a two-year postgraduate program divided into four equal semesters. Astrological practices have been in practice since ancient times and according to the history people still, have the same belief and faith.

    The main aim of the course is to provide students with the information about how celestial bodies, planets and stars influence human lives and how they have a strong hold on the lives of mankind. Sc in Astrology aims at developing a comprehensive understanding of stars and therapeutic measures in various astrology scriptures to help people overcome hindrances and hurdles pertaining to their lives. At the end of each academic year, students have to appear in the annual examination to get promoted to the next academic year.

    The course can be pursued both full-time and part-time depending upon students availability and career interests. There are various career opportunities available to students with a M.