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Blue Sapphire is the main gemstone for Saturn. Hessonite Gomed is the main gemstone for Rahu Dragon Head.

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It isa bit reddish in color. Cat's Eye Lehsunia is the main gemstone for Ketu. It shines like a cat's eye in the dark. Which country do you live in? Contact Us. Horoscope Compatibility.

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Astrology on Phone. About Us. Gemstone Advice. Rahu Transit in Gemini. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started. Read More. Its master planet is Mars Read More. Sun god is considered to be the ruler of all the other planets. The gemstone ruby is pinkish red in color. But the sun should be in a favorable position.

If it is weak, wearing ruby enhances the effect of the sun for a more favorable result. If it is strong still one can wear for addition benefits. Effects: The ruby is said to bring growth in one career and life.

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It also enhances the strength of the heart. Pearl: It is also called mothi and is a gemstone of moon. It can be worn in time when the phase of a person is under moon transit. In general, anyone can wear it but those with a favorable moon in their horoscope will benefit a lot.

Astrological Benefits of Emerald ( Panna ) Gemstone

Effects: It is said to bring a stable mind avoiding fickle-mindedness. It is also said to remove sins of the wearer and bring in prosperity. It should be worn on silver or gold studded ring on small finger or necklace on Monday evenings after offering prayer to Lord Shiva and moon. Yellow sapphire: This is the stone of planet Jupiter.

emerald green stone - emerald stone ring - மரகத பச்சை அனிவதால் எந்த ராசிக்கு யேகம் -ராசிக்கு ஆபத்து

Since Jupiter is considered guru of gods , wearing it brings all other planets to favor you. It is yellow colored. The stone should be studded in gold and worn on the index finger on a Thursday. One should offer prayer to Lord Jupiter before wearing it. Effects: It helps to grow spiritually , prosperity and also good family life. It is green in color and represents lord buddha i.

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It is one of the stone which affects the mind. One with the stone will have a strong mind and creative enthusiasm. Blue sapphire : This can be in blue or black color and is the stone representing planet Saturn. Blue Sapphire is not to be used without proper astrological advice as it is harmful.

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  8. The stone produces effects very fast and if Saturn in not favorably placed, it gives harmful effects. The stone should be studded in a gold ring and worn on the ring finger on a Saturday. One should offer prayer to Lord Shani before.

    Blue Sapphire

    If you Shani is weak or unfavorable, you can worship lord hanuman instead. Diamond: This is the gemstone of planet Venus. It is the king of gemstones. Once you wear, you will feel the influence of it a few minutes.

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    It should be worn on ring finger studded in gold. Effects: It provides confidence, courage, wealth, relives debts, gives good health and also improves spirituality. Coral : This is the stone of planet Mars. It is red in color. It influences mind a lot. Hessonite : This is stone for Rahu influence. admin