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Read More. Ratan-Amrit A complete guide to Astrology Solutions through gemstones. Mantra Upchar Mantra Upchar provided by us are the best to bring overall wellness in life. Check Your Daily Horoscope You can check here about your specific daily horoscope. Aries 09 October. Taurus 09 October. Gemini 09 October. Cancer 09 October. Leo 09 October.

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Virgo 09 October. Libra 09 October. Scorpio 09 October. Sagittairus 09 October. Capricorn 09 October. Aquarius 09 October. Pisces 09 October. Free prediction A horoscope, natal birth chart, Janam Kundli, is your life chart. Match Making Astrology consultation and remedies for accurate match-making solutions are provided; and also for romance, prediction, timing, relationship maintenance, love, care, child etc. Health Upays for health problems, malefic planets, deficiencies, injury, illnesses, accidents etc are provided with positive results and cure in time.

Career You can enhance your career, professional growth, business or job, at any stage in life. Kundli Dosha Solutions, remedies, cures for Astrology malefic planet conditions and bad-weak positioning of planets, astrology aspects etc in the Kundli is given in a personalized consultancy. Latest Blog Keep yourself well informed by checking the below blogs that are related to some of the latest astrology events and updates, festivities, spirituality, modern day life issues etc, from time-to-time.

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What is the importance of 6th day of Navratri? Every month after new moon days are coun.. Trust Trust of years Trusted by million of users. What Clients Are Saying.

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WhatsApp Us. Vastushastra unifies the science, art, astronomy and astrology; it can also be said as an ancient my Those people who are not beginners rather have sufficient knowledge about astrology can further upgr Astrology is most popular system of prediction used extensively and widely all over the world from a Chinese astrology revolves around Chinese zodiac which is a 12 year cycle. Each year of this 12 year Life and Problems go hand in hand.

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Human is always in search of remedies to come out of the problems The sade-sati or adhaiya of transit saturn makes terror among the public. From ancient times, many scientific methods are popular for making predictions Palmistry, numerology Choice of color of a person reflects the status of his soul, body and mind.

Many times we see that b In the previous article April-June we dealt with the shakals and planets allotted to them for t In our universe there are crores of stars and this is not one single universe of its kind rathe What is Panchang? Vedic Astrology divides time into five fundamental parts together called the Pa What is Ephemeris An Ephemeris is table of values which gives the information about the position God has produced a galaxy of eminent Astronomers and Astrologers around the world.

Our ancient histo The roots of Indian Astrology can be traced back to the dawn of history. According to Indian Astrolo The Sun is the center of solar system. Its mean distance from earth is 14,96,00, kms. It is neare S- self analyzing A- administrative T- tolerance U- undaunted understanding R- righteous Future Samachar.

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