Gemini weekly horoscope from 6 december 2019

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No wonder you often have two careers, two homes, and countless interests. Your hunger for new information and sharing it is your superpower! Going Deeper, Growing Wiser. Geminis can talk on any subject from the latest celebrity gossip to world politics and quantum physics. In you are adding intensity and complexity to what you know and how you think. You will still be your amusing and enchanting self but with more gravitas and authority.

It slips back into Aries and your networking zone in November and reenters Taurus March 6, where it will remain for seven years. But a subtle shift is taking place. Uranus shakes up the status quo. In this house it can bring up any unresolved or buried issues. It can also bring up your buried wisdom and knowledge that that is waiting to come to consciousness.

As a result your intuition will deepen; your dreams will become more vivid and possibly prophetic. You may find yourself attuned to the feelings of others. You may be drawn to meditate, go on a spiritual retreat or spend more time in nature. Keep a journal; write down your dreams. Lean into it; embrace it. Do you have a five year plan? This is the year to make one or update it. And with wealth planet Jupiter in your partnership zone starting November 8 you could meet a savvy financial coach or mentor who can guide you in that area. The sun, Mercury and Venus all visit your career zone during February and March.

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March open doors to new career possibilities; the Pisces new moon on March 17 allows you to sail through them. Action planet Mars in Pisces visits your career zone from November 11 to January, Your drive and ambition are on high and you can accomplish the impossible. With Mars in inspirational Pisces in your public zone you have the ability to combine your creative imagination and superb communications skills and gain the power to inspire people with your message.

Jupiter entered your zone of day-to-day work and well-being on October 10, and will remain there until November 8.

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This expansive planet will enrich both your work and your well-being. You will be working harder but also smarter and Jupiter in intense Scorpio will help you focus.

Your attitude will improve and that will enhance everything including your relationships at work. You may get a promotion, a raise or if you have your own business, you could land a big client. Jupiter in your zone of well-being will help you create more balance in your life and feel more comfortable in your body.

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Your stamina will be good and you can lose weight if you want to. This is a frustrating time, but things will clear up eventually. Just do your best not to get sucked into paranoid thinking since Neptune is the planet of fantasy and also delusion. Your communication and relationships will get a boost by Mercury reentering Sagittarius on December 12, and mid-month brings a flurry of easygoing planetary connections that will support you, Gemini.

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It's not the most affectionate, cuddly energy, but it is a great time to tend to business. Mars and Pluto connect on December 17, creating a powerfully transformative energy and helping you push forward with important projects. Exciting meetings take place on December 20, when the sun connects with electric Uranus—some breakthrough ideas are likely to land, too!

The winter solstice, December 21, is one of the most magical days of the month, so circle the date on your calendar. It's the beginning of Capricorn season, which finds you confronting your fears and limitations, and most importantly, opening yourself up to previously unimagined ways of being. The most fantastic transformations can take place now, even though facing the unknown can be scary. Your partners are here to help—your ruling planet Mercury meets with lucky Jupiter on December 21 in the relationship sector of your chart.

Venus and Neptune also meet on December 21, bringing you a massive burst of creativity! The full moon in Cancer arrives December 22, and while the sun in Capricorn finds you focused on many spiritual and emotional matters not to mention, your sex life—which will be a major focus of Capricorn season for you! Emotionally, this full moon is in a sensitive one, and will find you reflecting on your sense of self-worth.

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