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This epic story is truly metaphoric on so many levels of life. It expresses the interplay of light and dark and how interdependent they both are on each other. These two facets of life are of course alive and well within our own natures and thus the play of shadow and light becomes our dance in life as well. Rahu is the head of the serpent and has an insatiable appetite for the material world his cravings for obtaining the nectar and intoxicants of all kinds.

He brings shock and the dark side of life and he can bring sudden changes, upheavals, even quick boons. Where Saturn brings sorrow, sadness and grief- the natural darkness that is life- Rahu brings an intensified demented version of this darkness; he manipulates and obscures everything he touches. Addictions and confusion are Rahu's domain as well as disturbances and trauma.

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He does not allow us to think clearly and brings deceit and dishonesty with him. That said, there are worldly benefits that come with him as well. He can give money, profits and excesses from the material world. He loves the foreign and unusual, which can offer great learning and awareness as a result. Enjoyable and exotic travels can also come with Rahu. Professions that require lying, cheating and stealing politicians for example will get benefits from Rahu. Where Rahu may give, Ketu takes away, and is responsible for "cutting the ties that bind us to the material world".

If we are attached to it, Ketu can and will cut those attachments loose- eventually. That is his job- to help us realize intimately the impermanence of this life. He is highly spiritual and not interested in the material realms at all. He will either grant access to spiritual advancement or deny it; Ketu is connected to Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.

Since Ketu is just a body no head he literally has no mind. He can either show madness and complete craziness like schizophrenia, or certain zen states of no-mind which are more spiritual in experience. Ketu is a moksha planet, connected to liberation, letting go and deep surrender.

Rahu and Ketu are always seven houses away from each other. They are always looking directly at each other, thus, whatever Rahu gives, Ketu will be sure to take it away.

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The nodes are always moving against the direction of the other planets, in retrograde fashion. All the planets retrograde periodically except for Sun and Moon and when they do, they are said to be acting like Rahu and Ketu as a result. Our cravings, desires and fears are all connected to Rahu and Ketu.

They instigate our pains, sorrows and drive us to take actions or no actions. They are our shadowed sides and will indicate what we are moving towards and away from in this life time. Thanks to Rahu and Ketu, we are guaranteed to grow in this life, but it may not be the pleasant kind of growth. Wondering how this transit of the shadow planets will specifically effect you? Ask me about my jyotish sessions. It is an extraordinary time on multiple levels- which truly speaks to the level of intensity the nodes offer. Rahu then collides with a transitioning Mars who is moving into Libra on the 13th, followed by Venus moving into Gemini just after that.

Lots of sudden movement in a very short amount of time! The illusory nature of the nodes brings into question the impact this transit will have on us, but when Rahu and Mars combine as they will exactly on the 13th there is sure to be some powerful sparks taking place. Caution should be taken at this time and fires of all kinds are possible, so be prudent.

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This includes a variety of sparks from the emotional and verbal levels, as well as with relationships. Driving should be done with extra care- if at all. Intoxication and inflammation are indicated with this conjunction, so avoid excesses of all kinds and stay away from others who are likely to be partaking. Rahu in Virgo and 6th House Matters As Rahu makes its way into Virgo, we begin to feel the difference from the past 18 months immediately. Likely, most of us will be feeling the shifts weeks in advance on some level.

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This transit will be very different for many reasons, but essentially it will be enlivening Virgo and the nature of Virgo, as well as all things related to the 6th house. Let's unpack this a bit more. Whereas Libra is ruled by Saturn and Venus and correlates to 7th house matters like relationships, business and balance; Virgo is about purity, idealism and creativity and ruled by Mercury the indicator for mental body, communication and creativity. Venus is considered debilitated in Virgo because the restrictions Virgo puts on love, restricts the flowing nature of Venus's love.

Libra is an air sign, Virgo is an earth sign and so their expressions and results are truly different. Luckily, Virgo is also the mulitrikona sign of Rahu, which bodes well for material gains and stabilizing finances if all other chart indications support this. We also won't be having the stormy conjunction of Rahu and Saturn together as we have for the last 18 months. Rudra and his storm energy certainly brought intensity!

Those days are behind us now thankfully, but this new chapter will bring with it a new wave of challenges and opportunities. As Rahu transits Virgo, sixth house matters will also be enlivened. The sixth house has to do with disease and debts the kinds that can be corrected and cured, unlike the 8th house indications as well as enemies. This house is known to be a trouble maker because of these tendencies, but there are also some fortunate connections as well. Since disease is attributed to 6th house matters, it is also connected to the healer, the one who heals disease as well as being in service to others.

And depending on the other indications of the chart, enemies can become friends in certain circumstances. In regard to debts, learning how to handle money and the affairs of money can create much more financial stability; where we put our attention, we learn and grow. So this can be a fabulous time to increase our knowledge and understanding with all the things that are 6th house related. With Rahu's fanaticism and obsessive nature, it's quite likely that we will be forced to attend to these themes very directly- either by will or by force. Depending on your rising sign and other chart details, the placement of Rahu in your chart during this transit will also enliven other attributes and indications and either heighten or lessen these expressions.

This is a general guideline of course. From his placement in Virgo, Rahu will give drishti gaze to five, seven and nine houses away from him. He will be looking at Pisces directly seven houses away, where Ketu will be as well.


His gaze five houses away will be on Capricorn, and nine houses away will give drishti to Taurus- both earth signs like Virgo. Will this transit bring greater stability and grounding into our lives, or an increase in uprooting, change and calamities? The lords of the Dhanasthana and the Labhasthana conjoining in a kendra and vested with strength confer much wealth which increases manifold by these bhava-lords simultaneously associating with the lords of the two trikonas; the trikona-lords are significators of good-fortune, prosperity and great wealth.

The lords of the 2nd and the 11th in favourable association with Jupiter make one very wealthy. The association of the bhava-lord and the bhava-karaka is essential in any yoga-formation for the sake of bringing out the best results signified by that bhava, both should be vested with requisite strength and be unafflicted. Moreover, a strong benefic planet occupying its exaltation sign in any one of the afore-stated bhavas makes one rich and prosperous. Ramanuja in his Bhavartha Ratnakara affirms that an exalted planet situated in the 5th or in the 9th house makes one exceptionally fortunate and famous; exalted planets promote the significances of the bhava they happen to occupy.

Jataka Tattva states that first find out in which drekkena the lords of the 2nd and the 11th are placed, then find out the lords of the navamsas that are occupied by the lords of those drekkenas, if the lords of these navamsas attain Vaisheshikamsa and occupy the kendras or the trikonas then the person will be blessed with a very sound financial status, be wealthy and helpful to others.

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If the lagna-lord and the lord of the 2nd house combine with a benefic planet and their dispositor strong and unafflicted occupies the lagna one becomes wealthy late in life. If the lords of the lagna and the 2nd house are involved in mutual exchange of signs one acquires wealth effortlessly.

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But, the lord of the 11th house from the lagna relegated to a trika bhava or either the lord of the 11th or the lord of the 12th situated in the 8th house devoid of benefic influences indicates bankruptcy. Mansagari tells us that either the lord of the lagna situated in the lagna or the Moon conjoining with Mars gives steady wealth and keep one always above want but papagrahas in the 2nd house or cruel planets in the 2nd and also in the kendras give poverty, whereas auspicious planets in the 2nd house confer financial prosperity.

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Do not just read, but apply these principles on your own horoscope In the begining, just pay attention to just reading and analyzing a birth chart, rather can drafting one. Go in the same order of lessons as is provided here. Practice and more practice. Rahu in Virgo Virgo is ruled by Mercury, an airy planet. Rahu is also airy but here, it is placed in an earth sign. Rahu is the karaka of skill, while Mercury is associated with wit and intelligence.

Such people do well in the field of management. Rahu here also gives a strong desire to earn name and fame in life. Such people have a lot of courage and determination.