December 7 cancer astrology

Can't get enough of your Broadly horoscopes? There is a new moon in Sagittarius at AM—new adventures are coming, but they might feel far away at this time. Make time to sit quietly and tap into your inner voice today. Check in on your more paranoid or uneasy friends, since they will need help staying grounded today! Spend time making art, dancing, and enjoying music. This is a day to be and feel, not to take action or problem-solve. There is a new moon in your sign today, Sagittarius! A fresh start is here, although it might not feel that way considering the confusing energy in the air—just go slow and take your time!

At this new moon, relationships can present opportunities beyond your wildest dreams. The world is your classroom, Gemini , and relationships are your teachers. What better way to learn about yourself than by encountering another person, whose experience and perspective may be wildly different from yours? At this new moon, make happiness part of your routine, and look for meaning in even the smallest tasks. Light up the night, and people will be happy to bask in your warmth—just make sure that everyone has room to shine.

Sharing the spotlight is more fun, anyway! This new moon challenges you to branch out and learn more about a different culture. It can help you see your own heritage in a different light, or even reinterpret traditions in a more personally meaningful way. Tactful, but truthful. Take inspired action to make your dreams come true! On December 12, , Mercury re-enters Sagittarius.

If you believe your life can never change, think again. This is much welcomed before you dive into the serious Capricorn season. In fact, this is the last Uranus trine Sun in Fire signs we will have for a long time, before Uranus moves into Taurus for good in March Make sure you take advantage of it and tap into your spiritual genius.

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This is my favorite transit of the month. Normally any Jupiter conjunctions to personal planets are auspicious, but this one, especially so, because it lasts much longer than usual! Normally a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction lasts for days, but this one lasts for almost two months , thanks to the retrograde motion of Mercury.

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You will finally be able to access parts of your brain that were dormant. Or did not work well together. Imagine a scientist that bashes astrology because they are in their Mercury mind. And now imagine the scientist genuinely opening up to other laws of cause and effect, while the astrologer genuinely opening up to how the latest astronomy discoveries can shed new light into astrology interpretation.

The Full Moon is sexile Uranus and square Chiron. Expect a lot of things to happen around this date. The Moon feels great when Full, because she reigns the night skies all by herself, away from the blinding light of the Sun.

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The Full Moon can expose some hidden pains you were not aware of Full Moon square Chiron but will also find some creative healing solutions Full Moon sextile Uranus. If you opened up to the creative possibilities that the Sun-Neptune square brought you at the beginning of the month, then Mercury square Neptune will bring you more details and show you what the next steps are. Even if that means to change something you believe in.

Even if that means to leave your job.

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Even if that means to abandon your lifetime goals. You change, and your goals change too. No need to cling to the old. Your mind will resist change — expect to be confused!

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  • But if you push through resistance, if you embrace confusion, then a whole world can open up to you. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Beautiful report, as always!

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    Thank you! How can I arrange that? Thanks for your comment! This is a wonderful job done! So inspiring.

    There's a new moon in Sagittarius today.

    Thank you so so much. As a virgo i hope this is the start of my life again from

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