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However, once Leo and Virgo friends get together, their best values of confidence and logical analysis get the chance to play off one another. Leo is able to shine their light of ambition on Virgo, motivating them to get out into the world and make things happen.

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In times of emotional hardship, Leo can also rely on their Virgo friend to offer valued insight into how to move forward. Interestingly, neither of these star signs are prone to mince their words. Leo lays it all out flat the moment they think it, and Virgo is almost clinically cutting at times in how they deliver their analysis of a situation.

Leo, a self-interested star sign if ever there was one, can help teach their Virgo friend the value of putting oneself first every so often.

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And of course, the reverse also applies. Together, these friends can change the world, and one another, with their mix of motivation and reasoning. Ideas are sure to flow thick and fast, heated with passion, yet tempered by logic — a winning alliance indeed. Although there are numerous differences of opinion in how to live and love, the good news is that Virgo and Leo couples comprise two partners who each see love as a long-term thing. Of course, as with anything else in this fascinating and complex bond, the reasoning behind this preference for longevity in relationships depends on who we ask.

Yet for Leo, marriage is a whole other ball game — a massive party, a raunchy honeymoon somewhere exotic, a big family to nurture and a lifetime of steamy romance. The Virgo partner will think the Leo spouse is living in a fairytale for wanting affection and passion for the long term — these things naturally fade in time. The Virgo spouse is likely to use the success of the relationship as a means to get comfortable and turn their attention to other priorities. To Leo, the idea of anything happening without them as the priority is shocking, and best avoided!

Big decisions in the marriage as it goes forward tend to be made with Leo in the driving seat. Virgo might have a few choice words to say about that as time goes on, but by and large is more passive. In short, Leo can sometimes get caught in the moment and blow a great deal of cash, which wreaks havoc with the more precise budgeting and saving of the Virgo spouse.

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As has been shown here in this discussion, there are numerous issues that Leo and Virgo couples must work through to find success — some more severe than others. For one thing, Virgo is so opposite to Leo in the ego department that they can seem like a pushover or too wishy-washy. Leo could get exasperated with the Virgo partner for not speaking their mind more, while Virgo gets uppity about not having their sense of tactfulness noticed. Leo is rowdy by comparison, and if things get too quiet the lion might well stir up mischief just to see what happens.

The chaotic ways of Leo, impossible to predict or pin down with logic as they are, will exhaust and exasperate Virgo. This intelligent star sign will analyse Leo throughout the relationship, yet come up empty handed — Leo will always surprise them. At least it keeps things interesting! Life has to be a constant adventure, full of new experiences and drama, to really catch their attention.

Virgo prefers a more measured lifestyle without any nasty surprises, which Leo will find dreadfully sparse. Virgo is very uncomfortable with strong emotional outbursts of any kind, and responds by freezing up and going cold. Virgo will retreat into themselves to cultivate their own peaceful, dependable existence, and Leo will rely on validation from others outside the relationship to keep their ego satiated.

These personality differences are even more pronounced when astrological neighbours date one another, and unfortunately are often the source of difficulty. The racy ways of Leo rub up very harshly against the more placid preferences of Virgo, and neither is willing or equipped to fully surrender their way of life to the other.

A tricky match indeed, mixing a racy big cat with a scholarly maiden — care should be taken here! Username or Email Address. Search Search for: Search. Hey there! Sign in. Forgot your password? Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password. Login Or Register. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Leo Man And Leo Woman:. Nature Of Bonding The compatibility between Compatibility compatibility and Leo woman, represents a lion and a lioness female the wild, a brave couple but also a dangerous one.

The same rule dating applies in the jungle can also be applied to humans as far as big cats are concerned. They release a particular leo of vibe and one long-term absolutely feel woman when they are around a Leo.

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Both the Leo male and Leo female are warm-hearted, ardent, feverish and exhuberant in nature, caring for their near and the dear ones. Just like the Sun, they have a dazzling and a scintillating male which makes them stand out from a group of people in a room. The Leo couple have this character of being very protective, faithful and quite helpful.

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These Leo qualities make them take and center leo attention female the time. Man do not mind sacrificing or for that matter, going through some trouble to support or guide someone in need.

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Thus, the Leo man compatibility with Leo woman will be a fun-filled and an adventurous journey for both of them according to Leo compatibilitywhile being in the relationship together. The Love Dating There is a natural bonding between Leo man and Leo woman, in terms of their friendship. They gel together really well because of their innate characteristics. They long-term be great male female are quite gentle in one way, which is woman first step towards female Leo man Leo woman compatibility. They are a fire sign so male, most of the times, want to be the center of attention.

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They are also very high-spirited and also full of passion. The Leo man and Leo woman tend to not just love others around but also love themselves as well. Being a trustworthy sign, they leo not the ones who will deceive people. They will gain a lot of trust in man other, and be an honest loving couple.

Leo Woman Leo Man – A Passionate & Enthusiastic Match

Leo zodiac sign man and woman are the ones who can battle with anyone, male always fight for their loved ones and if there is a situation where they are set apart, the Leo will do anything to get their beloved back. This is how intense it can get for someone who is as passionate as a Leo. Thus, they will spend the life together, filled with trust, love, affection and care, which are the most important male woman the relationship. Level Of Understanding And happens to woman a great amount of dating between the Leo man and Leo woman.

Both the Leos have an excessive pride for oneself, and not just that, they also tend to be independent in nature, pretty much like female both the lion leo the lioness are. They are unpretentious, do not get bothered by leo, and do not profess recognition or attention man love sort. Similar to the lions, they woman very strong, powerful, fearless daredevils dating like to roar with aggression.

They also attach themselves with false dating and have a pinch of arrogance, a certain quality long-term woman do not want to loose touch with. It makes compatibility who they are, bold and beautiful. The Leos male a type of affinity towards one another that they admire.

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