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For a Scorpio, the person born on the thirtieth day of October is typically not as demanding of attention and emotional reassurance as most of this zodiac group. However a secure home environment is important as you tend to greatly value privacy and so a loving relationship needs to have some firm foundations in place before you will contemplate a long term commitment. The mysterious edge to your nature makes you quite attractive and therefore usually rarely short of admirers. A perfect soul mate will inspire and push you as well as loosening you up a bit emotionally.

Romantic and especially good at boosting a partner's self esteem you adore giving small tokens of your affection. Naturally protective to a loved one you require but also give plenty of hugs and kisses. In the bedroom you are inclined to be sizzlingly sexy and extra playful and exciting despite your usual seemingly reserved and serious stance. Having a tendency to be more concerned over the health of loved ones than your own can affect and sometimes deteriorate the typical vitality usually experienced by those born on October 30th.

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You need to regulate personal eating and sleeping habits more closely in order to look after yourself and try and avoid illness. Your preference for an active lifestyle appears to keep you in trim but your fondness of caffeine laden drinks should perhaps be limited. For added calm drinking herbal alternatives could be considered or even better simply keep hydrated by drinking lots of water.

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People born on this day may also enjoy spa treatments to relax. Your main strengths of character are probably revealed in your precise decisiveness and ability to make instinctive plans. These positive fortes and your adept efficiency, sense of purpose and fantastic process of communicating direct you to be destined for success. The personality weaknesses for those born on October 30th are likely to concentrate on your propensity for occasional stubbornness. This main negative trait when activated can cause you to act in an uncharacteristic moody frustrated and preoccupied manner.

If the circumstance that prompts this negativity is not speedily resolved you can become slightly self neglectful too. Being born on the 30th of October means you are likely to be fairly broad minded with an avid desire to learn as much as possible. As a life long student you are full of versatility and rarely stuck for something to do.

Your spirited varied and diversified thought and effort combined are ideal attributes for setting and accomplishing goals. Dreaming moments are often spent visualizing journeys to visit unusual and interesting places. Other wishes commonly include the fulfillment of a yearning to achieve security and happiness in all areas of life. As you were born on the thirtieth day of the month your date of birth number qualifies for the allocation of a Root number of Three.

This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Innovation' emphasizing your organized diversity, curiosity and persistence. In Tarot the 3rd Major Arcana card featuring the Empress is associated with your birthday.

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This identifies your touch of mysteriousness in addition to your tender emotions and inclination to have wonderful ideas. The lucky gemstone for October the thirtieth birthdays is an Amethyst to be worn for its possibility to energize the mind, body and spirit and to help neutralize bad vibes. The influential planet Pluto is believed to be chiefly astrologically accountable for the probable personalities of all Scorpio's. The actual day you were born on, the thirtieth of October is governed by the celestial body Jupiter's rule customizing some of your characteristical predictions.

Your communicative and amiable presentation intensifies your perceptiveness and expressive fluency. Your ample helpings of determination and independence enhance your assertiveness and willpower. If you gain control of the potentially obstinate side to your disposition you will not miss opportunities to expand your wisdom. A final ponderable thought for people born on October the 30th is that spending more time on yourself could give you a clearer calmer mind to add to your many favorable qualities.

Birthday Horoscope October 31st, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on October 31st. Romantic prospects find you irresistible and you have the ability to hypnotize someone with your sexual prowess and promise of unending loyalty. If your love ever betrays you however, they will see the ugly side of your stinger. At your core you can be extremely vengeful when hurt.

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You're intensely emotional but so much of it is under the surface. Still waters run deep. You do not shy away from expressing exactly how you feel about someone or a situation. You are a social being. However, you occasionally enjoy spending time on your own to explore your love for art. This horoscope profile for you. It gives all the important details you may need pertaining to your versatile personality. Use it as a guide to make critical decisions in your life.

Birthday Horoscope October 30th

You are under the Scorpio zodiac sign. The symbol Scorpion plays a major role in your life. It stands for those whose birthdays are from October 23 to November November During this period, the Sun is in the Scorpio zodiac. The planet Pluto is an instrumental aspect of your life. This celestial body is responsible for your productivity, dedication, and sense of mystery. Water is your cardinal governing element. This element works alongside Air, Fire, and Earth to add value to your life. Those born on October 30 are on the Cusp of Libra-Scorpio.

We refer to this as the Drama Cusp or the Cusp of Criticism. The planets Venus and Pluto rule supreme over the lives of these Cuspers. Venus represents your Libra personality, while Pluto controls your Scorpio side. Each of the two planets adds much value to your overall personality. Venus, the goddess planet gives you most of the qualities of the celestial being Aphrodite. For example, you exhibit beauty, romance, passion, and lust.


Similarly, Pluto is closely associated with Hades, the god of the Underworld. Hades is a mysterious god, who prefers to live in the Unseen World. Thus, exude most of the characteristics of this celestial being. These include aggressiveness, secretiveness, and strength.

Love and Compatibility for October 30 Zodiac

The Cusp of Criticism plays an important role in your financial situation. As such, you tend to think long and hard before you make an investment. Concerning your health, your astrological chart indicates that your immune system is okay. However, we strongly advise that you pay close attention to the health of your genitals. As a rule, Scorpio people are prone to infections. Those born under the October 10 zodiac are some of the most mysterious lovers in the entire zodiac spectrum. Your lover has to keep guessing about the direction that you intend to take.

This has two sides to it. The good side is that it lends an aura of a thrill and secrecy to the relationship. It might as well be as well be the elixir that keeps the love thriving. admin